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10 Summer Boating Essentials for a Smooth, Stylish Ride

10 Summer Boating Essentials for a Smooth, Stylish Ride

Summer is right around the corner—which means those endless days of cruising, fishing and splashing around with friends and family are not far behind!

As you prepare for the season ahead, we’ve got you covered with a guide to the top ten essentials you’ll want to have on hand—for both a fun ride and a clean, stylish cruise every time. Take a look.


Sunscreen is the one accessory you can’t have enough of—especially if you plan to be on the water a lot this summer. You can opt for reef-safe sunscreen, which is specially formulated to preserve marine life below the surface (it’s a win-win, as you’ll feel good about protecting your skin and the environment!). Of course, sometimes the sun gets the best of us, so bring along some soothing aloe vera gel and keep it in your on-board cooler for when you want to cool down and provide relief to sunburnt skin.


No matter your on-the-water style, there’s an inflatable that can make your adventure even better. Classic, doughnut-shaped tubes are perfect for when you want to kick back and relax, while towable tubes allow for one, two or even three people at a time to ride behind your boat’s wake and enjoy a fast-paced adventure.

Polarized shades

Every boater (and passenger, too) needs a good pair of shades to shield against the sun—but be sure to pick the right pair for the job! For detailed sports like fishing, as well as general getting around, polarized sunglasses are helpful because they reduce glare on sunny days and allow you to see more clearly. 

Waterproof storage

Pick up a waterproof storage bag or box to store your phone, wallet and other essentials while you splash around—or better yet, opt for a watertight pouch that can keep your phone dry as you use it! This way, you’ll be able to snap action shots of your splashing adventures as they happen.

A good book

For many boaters, the perfect day out is equal parts thrilling and relaxing. If you like to supplement your fast-paced cruising with more leisurely trips by the sandbar (or perhaps to small, back-to-nature islands that are only accessible by boat) bring along a good book or magazine that lets you unwind and immerse yourself in the laidback atmosphere.

Spare dry clothes

By the end of the day, you may be thoroughly soaked from your day of fun—but who says you have to head back to the dock so soon? Bring along a dry change of clothes and include warmer cover-ups like a hoodie or poncho (since evenings on the water can be brisk) and store it all in an airtight bag so that you’re able to extend the fun and comfort, too.

Extra beach towels

On a similar note, you can never have too many dry towels! Bring along some extras so that you and your passengers are covered, literally, for whatever the day may bring.

Microfiber towels

In addition to beach towels that keep you clean and dry, bring along microfiber towels that will do the same for your boat. Microfiber towels are a go-to option for boats because they are very absorbent—perfect for the marine environment—while being soft enough to protect your boat’s hull. Use them for regular cleaning as well as surprise spills and messes on board. As a bonus perk, microfiber towels provide an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. You can reuse them on future boating adventures and don’t need to worry about storing your trash on board until you get back on land!

Marine-friendly brush

It’s amazing what a marine-friendly brush can do when it comes to keeping your boat clean! Opt for a sturdy yet soft-bristled brush that will protect your boat’s hull as you scrub—plus, a long handle can be helpful for reaching tough spots and corners.

Essential cleaning ingredients

When stocking up on cleaning supplies for your boat, there’s no need to reach for harsh products! Prepare a handy boat cleaning caddy with a few simple go-tos, including…

  • Baking soda. This is one of the most versatile essentials you’ll want to have on hand, and you probably already have it at home! Baking soda can be used as a scouring powder, applied with a brush as a head cleaner, used as a paste to remove fiberglass stains, and much more.
  • Vinegar. Mixed with water, this pantry staple is perfect for spot removal on gel goat and glass.
  • Magic erasers. Simple and effective, these can be used for vinyl cleaning alongside a mildew remover.

And of course, as a final tip, remember to apply a good coat of protective wax to get your boat in sleek, summertime shape—quarterly, if your boat sits waterside, and semiannually if your boat is in covered storage.

We hope that today’s guide helps you enjoy a smooth, stylish ride all summer long. To give your boat some TLC between trips, we here at Premier Marine Detailing can help with everything from a classic wash, rinse and dry, to barnacle cleaning, interior detailing and much more—just give us a call today!

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