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3M Acid Wash & Scum Line Treatment

3M Acid Wash And Scum Line Treatment

We are your best choice for boat hull cleaning in Florida! We are trained in the best chemicals to attack your unsightly scum line and hull corrosion. We use the original ZING® Boat Hull Cleaner, a heavy duty professional strength formulation that removes the toughest build-ups on fiberglass, painted wood, and steel hulls.  When working with watercraft that is moored we only use environmentally-friendly products such as Starbright, which is a water-based environmentally-safe product. Our treatments are for both fresh and salt water conditions. We will concentrate on the build-up of scum, algae, and waterline discoloration from marine stains. Our process and product attacks, loosen and remove Zebra mussels and barnacles from hulls, exposed power drives and propellers. If applicable we will use pre-season, for winterizing or anytime the boat is removed from the water for PMD service or scheduled maintenance. We are able to tackle both mild and heavy stained areas. Our process is very effective at removing rust stains or leaf stains from fiberglass or painted surfaces.


Please reference our custom service packages and ask about designing a program that fits your boating lifestyle. 


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