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Premier Marine Detailing

3M Brightwork Detailing

3M Brightwork Detailing

PMD prides its self on attention to detail which is exactly what you need when tackling the detailed and meticulous project of cleaning and polishing your watercraft brightwork. (H-1) Polishing of rusted stainless steel deck hardware and handrails to restore to the original stainless shine. (H-2) Polishing of oxidized aluminum t-tops, towers, rod holders, rails, etc. and coating with sealant to prevent future oxidation. (H-3) Never dull polishing all brass and chrome work to shine as it did when you made your investment. 

PMD Team uses a 3M™ Chrome and Metal Polish that renews the shine and sparkle of metals by removing surface rust, stains, oxidation, water spots, corrosion and tarnish. Our easy-to-use polish brings the beauty back to chrome, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper and other automotive metals. Use this polish to restore the original gloss and luster of metals. 

PMD Team 3M™ Marine Aluminum Restorer and Polish revives the appearance of aluminum throughout boats by aggressively removing oxidation and stains. Use this product to restore the beauty and pride of ownership in your boat. 3M™ Marine Aluminum Restorer and Polish removes the weathering effects that diminish the lustrous appearance of aluminum over time. Aluminum in a boat is especially vulnerable to oxidation and chalking because of all the outdoor exposure. Over time, weathering effects rob aluminum of its brilliance and make it look old and fatigued. Our team and Polish turns back the clock to revive the fresh appearance of aluminum. This service is ideal for cleaning and polishing aluminum deck hardware, cleats, through hulls, stanchions, rails and ladders.

PMD Team uses NEVR-DULL® to clean and polish all of its precious parts of the watercraft. The process is very manual and time-consuming, but delivers priceless results. NEVR-DULL is an extraordinary cleaning wonder that shines all precious metals. This polish is used by the US Military and a staple in the US NAVY for polishing its brass work. Just ask Owner and Operator, Clint Cornelius, who has had first-hand experience! 

Please reference our custom service packages and ask about designing a program that fits your boating lifestyle. 


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