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5 Tips for Vinyl Seats That Look Like New

5 Tips for Vinyl Seats That Look Like New

A shiny exterior helps your boat look brand-new on the water—but don’t forget about the vinyl seats on board! Take a look at our top five tips for achieving pristine vinyl seats and giving your passengers an even better cruising experience.

Restore weathered vinyl

One of the first steps to achieving vinyl seats that look shiny and new is starting with a clean canvas. You may be noticing now, as you prepare your boat for springtime cruising, that your vinyl seats aren’t looking as clean and shiny as you would like. Fortunately, when it comes to vinyl restoration, Orlando, Daytona Beach and Melbourne are just a few of the many Central Florida cities served by our Premier Marine Detailing team. If your vinyl seats have seen better days, we can restore them to their former glory with 3M™ Marine Vinyl Cleaner and Restorer—plus our own carefully crafted combination of TLC, elbow grease and years of specialized marine experience.  

Use regular conditioning to keep your vinyl seats looking like new

Once we have brought back the luster and vibrant color to your ride’s vinyl seats, we can use the same industry expertise and top-tier tools to keep them looking like new trip after trip, year after year. The gentle yet powerful 3M™ Marine Vinyl Cleaner and Restorer solution is geared to handle everyday maintenance as well as big, restorative projects, so you can ensure that your boat is always in top shape. We can even customize personal packages and pricing options for your unique needs, so be sure to ask your Premier team about including vinyl as a standard service for your boat.

Spot-clean as needed

Leaving your vinyl seats’ maintenance to the pros gives you the chance to enjoy a stress-free upkeep experience—plus, we have the tools and experience needed to prevent small stains, tears and other concerns from becoming big projects down the line. Still, you should feel free to spot-clean between scheduled cleanings with a mild soap-and-water solution to remove small spots and scuffs before they settle in. In fact, give your boat’s vinyl seats a once-over after every trip so that you can spot any potential messes or mildew build-up before they become bigger issues.

Protect your boat’s vinyl from the sun

For the long-term care and preservation of your boat’s vinyl seats, try to protect them from the sun’s rays whenever possible. We Floridians love a sunny day on the water, but too much exposure can lead to faded, cracked vinyl, so opt for a cover when not in use.

Keep vinyl seats dry to prevent mildew

H2O itself can also be an obstacle to clean, shiny vinyl seats, causing mildew to build up and degrade your boat’s pristine color. Don’t worry—every boat is sure to see its share of splashing, wet passengers and weather on the water! Just be sure to dry your seats off after use and take measures to keep them dry, such as storing your ride under some type of protective cover (which, as we just mentioned, is equally beneficial for protection from the sun!).

When you need vinyl conditioning and other types of boat detailing, Orlando boaters and those in the surrounding area can call Premier Marine Detailing! Our professional team, top-tier products and years of marine experience are here to serve your cruising needs with regular detailing, restoration and custom-tailored packages that suit your unique situation.

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