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Get 20% Off When You Help Your Boat Look Its Best for the Holidays!

Get 20% Off When You Help Your Boat Look Its Best for the Holidays!

By this time of year, many boaters across the country have winterized their rides for the year–but here in the Sunshine State, we’re still cruising well into winter!

By preparing your ride for the holiday fun ahead, you can enjoy this season to the fullest. (Plus, we are offering 20 percent when you schedule your service before the end of the year!) Read on as we share our top tips for readying your ride, as well as a few fun ways to ring in the holidays on the water. Take a look.

Ensure a safe, functional on-board space

The most important job for any captain is to create a safe, functional and comfortable space on board. You want your passengers to feel completely at home, wherever the day may bring them—to the marina for a festive on-the-water picnic, or on the ocean where you enjoy some serious fishing fun. In addition to keeping the deck clear of loose objects or lines, you may want to check the condition of your non-skid deck. If it’s not completely clean, dirt and residue may be making the non-skid texture ineffective, leading to a slippery on-board experience. Fortunately, we can clean your deck (and add some serious shine!) while preserving its non-stick quality for confidence and peace of mind on board.

If you have a cabin on your boat, you can also help your guests below deck feel more comfortable by shampooing the carpet and opting for an interior detailing package so that your boat looks better inside and out.

When exploring new places this holiday season, ensure that you are following the rule of thirds—reserve one third of your fuel for the ride there, one for the ride back and one for “just-in-case” situations. If you want to do lots of exploring, while not over-spending on fuel, you might consider bottom cleaning or barnacle removal, if needed, for your boat. When there’s drag on the bottom of your boat, it is not able to move as smoothly as you would like, using more fuel in the process. We can help with this! Even if you’re busy this holiday season, we can come to you to ensure that your boat looks and runs its best.

Choose a detailing package that perfects your ride’s shine

When it comes to boat detailing in Daytona Beach and the surrounding area, Premier offers every type of service you may need! Monthly cleanings keep your ride looking its best all year long, while more intensive detailing packages and specialty services, such as wet-sanding for the ultimate shine, can be utilized to ensure the perfect look for your ride. This is especially important for those who are entertaining family and friends on the water, or who are planning to participate in holiday events…

Find a fun holiday event to enjoy

One such event, of course, is the Daytona Beach Christmas Boat Parade! Held on Dec. 7, this one-of-a-kind parade features beautifully decorated, lit-up boats making their way along the Halifax River. Help your boat look its best for the occasion with a detailing package that brings out its style and shine.

Another great way to enjoy the water this season is to go sightseeing! At this time of year, you may be able to spot animals such as manatees in the water below (in these zones, just be sure to follow posted speed limits for the safety of you and the animals). There are also seasonal birds in town, such as the majestic white pelican, so be sure to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature as you cruise around.

There are many great holiday events to explore in the weeks ahead, so keep your eyes on the calendar, prepare your boat, and enjoy the ride!

Bundle up

We may be in the Sunshine State, but the weather can still get chilly—especially when you’re on the water, and especially during the early or late parts of the day. Bundle up with layers so that you can feel warm and cozy during cold parts of the day, while removing layers to cool off when it’s time to soak up the sun!

Store dry clothes, towels and other cool weather go-tos

In addition to life jackets, which you should have on board during every excursion, you may also want to pack spare dry clothes and extra towels to help passengers stay warm on board! If your boat has a cabin or built-in storage, it’s especially easy to keep your items dry—however, you can also pack them in a watertight bag or container to ensure that they’re not affected by waves or the occasional splash.

We hope that these tips help you achieve the holiday-ready ride you’ve been dreaming of! For detailing packages, monthly service and everything in between, contact Premier Marine Detailing today. We’re here to help achieve the ultimate picture-perfect ride, this season and all year long. And remember, when you schedule your service before the end of the year, you can enjoy 20 percent off your total cost! Just call us today to learn more. 

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