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How Wet Sanding Can Transform Your Boat for the Better

How Wet Sanding Can Transform Your Boat for the Better

Looking for ways to boost your gel coat’s shine—plus perfect your experience on the water? Wet sanding might be just the answer!

This method of detailing is designed to deliver serious results, while still being gentle on your boat’s gel coat. Wondering what it could do for you? Just read on to learn more about wet sanding and boat detailing in Daytona Beach and the surrounding area—and how it might just transform your on-the-water adventures for the better. Take a look.

Glossy, like-new gel coat

A shiny, durable gel coat can keep your boat looking its best for all the adventures you have planned—however, it is susceptible to oxidation over time thanks to sunshine, weather and the simple nature of life on the water. Plus, your gel coat is durable yet somewhat soft, so aggressive scrubbing and abrasive tools aren’t always the best option for maintenance. Fortunately, wet sanding combines the best of both worlds! By pairing sanding materials with liquid, we are able to bring back the shine of your gel coat without worrying about scratching it with harsh tools. The difference is in the details, and can be observed right away. Wet sanding can transform your boat from a dull, worn-down appearance to a like-new shine that looks and functions exactly the way you want it to. Just take a look at some of our sleek transformations!



Now, you may be wondering when to wet sand. You’ll know it is time for some TLC when the bottom of your boat starts looking dull, or sporting chalky streaks, a few tell-tale signs of oxidation. (When you notice this, call Premier Marine Detailing! We can even come to you to make the wet sanding process as convenient as possible.)

A smoother, quicker ride

A good rule of thumb: When your boat looks its best, it moves its best, too! Wet sanding is no exception. By removing particles that cause drag on the hull of your boat, we can help you achieve better speed and fuel efficiency for future trips out.

Brilliant shine at an affordable price

Wet sanding is a sophisticated process that calls for time and expertise, so leave it to the pros! Fortunately, you can schedule wet sanding for your boat at a price you feel great about. At Premier Marine Detailing, we proudly offer this service at a very affordable rate, because we know that most vessels require wet sanding to truly remove oxidation from a damaged gel coat. 

Wet sanding provides premium shine, minus the premium price. Just call Premier Marine today to learn more about how we can customize a wet sanding plan for your boat at a convenient cost for you. We can’t wait to wet sand your boat for a smoother, sleeker ride! 

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