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New Year’s Resolutions for a Clean, Shiny Ride

New Year’s Resolutions for a Clean, Shiny Ride

Happy New Year! We can’t wait to make this a great year, on and off the water. As you cruise into 2020, take a look at some of our favorite resolutions and maintenance tips for boat detailing in Daytona Beach and beyond. Just read on.

Breathe new life into your ride with vinyl restoration and conditioning

New year, new boat! Or at least, a boat that looks just like new. One of the ways to achieve a fresh, pristine look for 2020 is through the help of vinyl restoration and conditioning. Just like the furniture and upholstery in your home, your on-deck digs should be maintained with regular care and TLC. Our vinyl restoration services help return the shine and color to your vinyl seats, while conditioning keeps them looking (and feeling!) their best throughout the year, so you and your guests can cruise comfortably wherever you roam.

Boat more eco-consciously

We are always learning about new ways to be eco-conscious in our everyday lives—but did you know your boat is a great place to start?

When you’re on the water, opting for reusable cutlery and gear (as opposed to disposable plastics) is one easy way to ensure that the waters you’re cruising stay clean and healthy for the animals below. You can also switch to reef-safe sunscreen, which is made with ingredients that are non-toxic to coral reefs and marine life.

When maintaining your boat, there are also plenty of ways to take an eco-friendly approach! We here at Premier Marine Detailing strive to use gentle, eco-friendly products wherever possible so that your boat can look its best without interfering with the environment. For routine clean-up between scheduled service, we also recommend natural, DIY solutions (such as vinegar and water for a handy floor, window and varnish cleaner) which are gentler on both you and the environment!

Boosting your boat’s fuel efficiency is another way to reduce your on-the-water footprint, so be sure to ask our team about removing barnacles and any other debris that may increase drag (and decrease fuel efficiency) on your vessel.

Learn about the benefits of regular boat waxing

If you’ve always dreamed about having a boat that looks brand-new wherever you take it, the answer may be regular waxing! We will work to restore your boat’s coat and keep it looking fresh, shiny and pristine throughout the year, with a handy wax schedule determined by how often you use your boat, where you store it and other factors.

Create a safe on-board space

Your boat should be a safe, comfortable space for everyone on board, so now is a great time to ensure that you have enough PFDs, or personal floatation devices, on board. You can also check to see if your non-skid deck is in good condition—if not, we can carefully clean it and maintain it so that has enough traction and helps prevent slips on board.

Spend more time doing what you love

Quality time is at the heart of many New Year’s resolutions, but how do you achieve it? Here’s one tip: Cut down on the time you spend cleaning or maintaining your boat! Leave the TLC to us so that you can spend more time doing what you live—which, for most of us, is being out on the water with friends and family! We can even come to you to make the care and upkeep of your boat as easy and streamlined as possible.

We hope that these ideas help you achieve an even better on-the-water experience in 2020 and beyond! Call Premier Marine Detailing today to schedule your service or learn more about how our detailing packages can perfect your ride.

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