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Premier’s Tips for an Eco-Friendly Fishing Adventure

Premier’s Tips for an Eco-Friendly Fishing Adventure

Looking for ways to improve your on-the-water experience? For anglers, that might mean practicing your technique or picking the perfect bait for the job—but don’t forget about one of the simplest steps of all, going green!

An eco-friendly fishing adventure helps keep your favorite waterways beautiful and thriving for many future trips and fellow boaters to enjoy—and most importantly, it helps protect the aquatic environment and the species who call it “home.”

Read on as we share a few of our favorite tips for eco-friendly fishing in the months ahead!

Know your fish

Before you head out for a day of fishing, take a few minutes to research potential catches. The FWC has lots of great information to pull from, as well as regulations about different species’ daily limits or size rules. You can also practice catch-and-release by handling a fish safely before returning it to the water.

Take it slow

Fishing in Florida gives you a chance to travel through pristine on-the-water environments, many of which are home to manatees. By slowing your boat down in keeping with local speed limits, you can protect these one-of-a-kind creatures and their environment. Slowing down or idling on the water also gives you the chance to try out new techniques—for certain species, you might even jump right into the water to land the catch, no trolling required!

Clean out your livewell or cooler with ease

If you regularly bring home fish for dinner, you’ll want to clean out your livewell or cooler every few trips or so. Instead of using a heavy detergent that can affect the iced fish, opt for a simple solution—a baking soda scrub! This will clean out your space all while keeping it fresh for your next catch.

Rinse off your ride between trips

Florida is well-known for its beautiful beaches and ocean views—but local boaters know that fun abounds inland, too, on Florida’s famous lakes and rivers. Be sure to thoroughly rinse off your boat between trips, especially when coming from saltwater to freshwater, as this will not only prevent the salt from corroding your boat, but will also prevent you from inadvertently carrying over invasive “stowaways” from one body of water to another.

Opt for an eco-friendly clean

In addition to regular rinses, a thorough clean can make your ride that much smoother and more enjoyable. When it’s time for a touch-up, go for the best—Premier Marine Detailing has you covered with a quality clean and smart, eco-friendly products that help keep the marine environment at its best.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy your future fishing adventures to the fullest! Of course, going green doesn’t stop on the water. Call Premier Marine Detailing today to spruce up your on-board space with care, precision and eco-friendly products for a fresh ride you can feel good about. We look forward to seeing you soon!




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