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What You Need to Know About Florida's Fishing Regulations

What You Need to Know About Florida's Fishing Regulations

Florida Fishing Licenses

Licenses for fishing in the State of Florida come in many types including both freshwater and saltwater. Licenses are also available for adults and for youth (valid until the 17th birthday). Licenses are also available for residents and non-residents.

Along with the basic fishing licenses, you may also need a specific permit for certain types of fishing, such as snook, spiny lobster, and tarpon. There are also new regulations for shark and crab trap.

If you plan to do both freshwater and saltwater fishing, you can purchase an annual combination license. It's even possible to get a combination license including hunting or even one including a number of licenses known as the Gold Sportsman's License.

Lifetime licenses are also available for those looking to spend many years in Florida fishing.

New Regulations for Shore-Based Shark Fishing

As of July 1, 2019, many new regulations were put in place for shore-based shark fishing. You will need a permit in specific circumstances and adult anglers must take an online educational class on shore-based shark fishing.

For a full list of the new shore-based shark fishing regulations, you can visit the official Florida Saltwater Fishing Regulations site here.

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