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Why You Should Wash Your Boat Every Month

Why You Should Wash Your Boat Every Month

Maybe you have a new boat of your own and you can’t wait to show it off—or you already have your dream ride, and are simply looking for ways to keep it looking its best!

Whatever the situation may be, there’s one thing that can have an especially big impact on the style and function of your ride: regular washes.

When performed on a regular basis, preferably every month, this simple step can make all the difference. Wondering how? Just read on to see some of the biggest benefits!

Achieve the ultimate cruising style

Of course, the first reason you’ll want to wash your boat every month is an aesthetic one. Put simply, nothing beats the shine of a freshly washed boat—or the feeling you enjoy as you take your pristine ride around your favorite waterway. You’ve put a lot into your boat, so make sure your investment goes a long way and delivers that fun, exciting feeling every time you hit the water. Regular washes keep your hull spot-free and bright.

Prevent corrosion

Even the sturdiest boats are susceptible to corrosion from a surprise source: salt. Salt in the ocean can cling to your boat’s hull, damaging it if not removed properly. Fortunately, the key to removing potentially corrosive salt is simple—rinse off your boat after every saltwater outing, and follow up with regular washes to remove excess salt and any other grime that may have accumulated.

Preserve your coat for years to come

You naturally want your hull’s coat to look as good as possible, for as long as possible! In addition to the protective power of a gel coat plus waxing, monthly washes will help maintain the pristine exterior and prevent any unwanted particles from being lodged on long-term. (Plus some day, if you ever choose to sell your boat, regular washes should help you earn back the best-possible return on investment!)

Protect the environment

If you’re a boater, you have a built-in appreciation for the water and the species who call it “home.” Did you know that washing your boat every month—or more often, depending on how often you cruise—can actually help you protect the environment?

Invasive species can cling to your boat’s hull from time to time, which is why many waterways urge boaters to play it safe and thoroughly cleanse their ride before hopping from one body of water to another. By getting into the habit of regular washes, you can ensure that your boat is as clean as possible, wherever you may roam.

Improve your speed and function

We know that unwanted “stowaways,” like barnacles, can cause unwanted friction that slows down your ride–but so, too, can the cumulative drag caused by other grime built up over time. Avoid this problem and ensure a smooth, fuel-efficient ride by regularly washing your boat and keeping its hull clear of any build-up.

Now that you know the benefits of monthly washes, let us help you cross this task off your list! At Premier Marine Detailing, we use only the most eco-friendly ingredients, and offer affordable packages that let you enjoy all the benefits of a boat well-washed—plus more time on the water to do what you love. Call us today to learn more.

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