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Barnacle Cleaning

Barnacle Cleaning

Most folks know that barnacles can cause a bit of havoc when they attach themselves to the bottom of their boat, especially in the wrong places. More than 50% of the strainer is covered by attached barnacles. This is guaranteed to affect water volume getting to the engine, through its cooling system and more. Barnacles will greatly reduce your speed and accuracy when at the helm. These crustaceans are roughly the size of a quarter, and they attach themselves to a host (ship) for life. The adhesive properties of the cement that they excrete are amazing. This small animal glues itself to a host with a compound so strong that it could hold the weight of a compact car (2,500 pounds)!

The obvious best practice for barnacle hull cleaning and detailing is to have the vessel dry-docked or trailered to allow the barnacles to dry out and allow for safe power washing and detailing. This is not always practical for the boat owner which is why we offer an underwater barnacle cleaning and inspection of the bottom/hull of the vessel. Our underwater team will carefully hand scrape your boat free of sea life to ensure the best performance, integrity of your craft and most importunately, piece of mind. 


Barnacle Services:

  • Maintenance Bottom Cleaning Plan
  • One Time Bottom Cleaning
  • Underwater Hull Cleaning 
  • Underwater Inspections and Photography
  • Scumline cleaning from top of boot tripe down is included with all barnacle services
  • Running Gear – Clean propellers, shafts, struts, trim tabs, rudders, through hulls, transducers, know logs, and inspect zincs.
  • Hull – Clean all other underwater surface area when needed.

Please reference our custom service packages and ask about designing a program that fits your boating lifestyle. 


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