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Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Most powerboats and sailboats are made of fiberglass that's finished with a gel-layer coating that can be easily stained and damaged when using the wrong cleaning chemicals. In addition to the oxidizing of the gel-coat, wooden & metal surfaces require regular cleaning- the battle to keep rust & rot at bay is constant. Winter damage and water intrusions create cracks or mold in hard to reach areas, but vapor-steam, with its low pressure and safe temperature, is the best tool for boat cleaning and prepping jobs. The light pressure penetrates and safely blasts away debris from surfaces. Tests reveal disinfection after treating surfaces with vapor-steam offers many advantages over alternative methods or inferior cleaning products. Boat owners have additional maintenance that they need to consider. They must clean and wax the hull by removing barnacles and other contaminants before applying marine-wax with UV inhibitors. Vapor-steam will not save you from these vital steps in boat maintenance, but it will make the job more simple and more efficient for your service provider. With the application vapor-steam, barnacles loosen from the boat surface, mold is completely mitigated and waxes are preserved and rejuvenated, so you get the most out of your product and efforts. PMD offers a full steam clean service that will concentrate on every surface of your watercraft especially those impossible to reach compartments.

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