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Teak Wood Care & Restoration

Teak Wood Care And Restoration

PMD, knows just how to care for your beautiful teak wood that accents your watercraft. We pride ourselves on first class service and use first-class products, such as Total Boat Teak Cleaner.  When teak is exposed to the elements without a finish, or has been oiled or stained, the surface turns a dirty gray over time. Mildew usually develops. Whether we are talking about teak handrails, deck grates or your vessels teak furniture, it's the same material and typically the same problem. Tired of that weathered, moldy, stained gray look? It's time to bring back your teak's natural golden color and beautiful wood grain. We have just the right tools to get your wood back to its original beauty!

We use a two-part system that thoroughly cleans teak wood, removing dirt, fish blood, fuel, and other stains, like salt, mildew, teak oils, and undoes general neglect without tedious sanding. We start by removing sealers, graying, and weathering. We then neutralize and brighten the wood, preparing it for oiling or sealing. This is not a rushed process and will require two trips to allow for proper curing. We recommend a monthly inspection of your wood which could possibly require monthly sealing or restoration pending its exposure and traffic.


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